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Affirmations can be a powerful tool for gaining confidence and building a strong sense of self. They can help you identify your strengths and work on them until you become more confident. Positive affirmations benefit your confidence by reminding you of the good things about yourself. Having a positive outlook on life helps your body live happier as well as helps your mind focus on the many opportunities that exist even in difficult situations.

Affirmations are a powerful way of boosting courage and self-confidence. This list of affirmations for courage will help you speak kind words to yourself to be your most courageous self.

Affirmations are a powerful way of boosting courage and self-confidence. This list of affirmations for courage will help you speak kind words to yourself to be your most courageous self.
  1. I have real courage.
  1. My courage is real and strong. It gives me the power to face difficult situations. I can avoid backing down or giving up when my conscience tells me I should be brave and persevere. Courage is my inner strength.

I have courage during dark moments.

  1. It keeps hope alive in my heart. Courage is the light at the end of the tunnel, guiding me through hard times to victory.
  1. My courage helps me stand up for my beliefs. It gives me a stronger voice and a determined mind. 
  1. When I see cruelty or injustice, I have the courage to take action. I refuse to walk away or give in to my fear. I am the voice for those who are afraid to speak. I am the rock they lean on to stay strong. 

My courage gives others strength. 

  1. My courage inspires others to take action. It is the seed that helps them realize that they can change their world for the better. They can turn a negative situation around to their benefit with courage as their ally.
  1. I am proud to teach my children to be brave. I exemplify courage and integrity daily. I help them determine which situations they can wisely use their courage in.
  1. Today, I am grateful for my courage. I am proud of my ability to stand up for myself and others. My courage grows and becomes stronger with each action I take. I use my courage to make this planet better. 

I act with courage and confidence.

  1. I hold my head high and look the world straight in the eye. Regardless of circumstances, I have enough faith in myself to stand tall and face my challenges directly.
  1. I avoid hiding from my difficulties. I know that what I seek lies on the other side of them. I have the courage to always be moving forward and the confidence to expect success.

Courage leads to freedom, and freedom leads to happiness.

  1. What I want most in life is happiness. The best way to find happiness is through freedom. This is true freedom – freedom over myself and my fears. This type of freedom is possible through courage.
  1. Courage is ultimately the mastery of fear.
  1. I can have courage and still be afraid. In fact, courage is only possible in the presence of fear. I am okay with feeling afraid. Fear is only a type of negative energy passing through my body. I allow it to exist and to pass through. I face my fears on a daily basis.
  1. I have the confidence to believe I can accomplish anything as long as I am committed.
  1. Courage gives me the ability to deal with fear. Confidence gives me the certainty that everything works in my favor in the end. I am confident in my abilities, strength, and fortitude.
  1. Today, I act with new levels of courage and confidence. I confidently and courageously confront my challenges. I face my fears and overcome them.

I courageously speak my truth.

  1. I am grateful that I have overcome my fear of speaking up for myself. Although it has taken time and effort, it is worth it to have finally found my voice.
  1. I have had to overcome quite a few obstacles to get to this place. I am grateful for all of my teachers who have served me in awakening to who I truly am. Even if they have been tough teachers, I have grown from the experience.
  1. In finding my voice, I free my mind to speak my truth. I gain courage by trusting my heart. This too has taken time, but it has been totally worth it to fall back in love with my inner self.
  1. I acknowledge my inner knowing. I embrace my inner child and give it a great big hug. Once it feels safe, it springs from my arms and dances around the garden of my heart. It sings and shouts at the top of its lungs and it feels Wonderful.
  1. I feel so strong in my heart right now. I know I can express my opinion and it will all be okay! I find the words to speak and they no longer get stuck in my throat. The words just slip right out.

I know that I am safe to speak my truth.

  1. What a thrill it is to have the courage of a LION and finally ROAR!
  1. Today, as I grow in strength and courage, I also become more articulate with my words. I am able to express my thoughts from my heart and I am heard. 

My courage is stronger than my fear.

  1. I act assertively and decisively because my courage easily overpowers my fear.
  1. I sometimes feel fear, but I refuse to allow it to control me. I permit my intellect to take control and override my fear. I understand that it is common to experience fear on occasion. I dominate my fear and take the appropriate action.
  1. My courage increases each day. A little at a time, I am becoming better able to deal with fear. I take pride in how brave I have become. I am growing into a stronger person.
  1. Fear takes a back seat in my life. I move toward the things I desire. I take a step backward when fear controls me. This is unacceptable to me.
  1. I make tough decisions with a clear mind. I choose the best option, regardless of any discomfort I might be feeling. I know the feeling will leave quickly if I act boldly. I make decisions wisely.
  1. I realize that fear is often irrational. I choose to ignore fear and rely on my rational mind. I view the world from an untainted perspective. I weigh the pros and cons and move through life intelligently. Fear is becoming a distant memory.
  1. Today, I am rejecting fear from my mind. I am bigger than any challenge I may face. My courage is stronger than my fear. I am more courageous today than I was yesterday.

Being alive is enough encouragement to live to the fullest.

  1. Life is the greatest blessing graciously given to me. I am encouraged to live life to the fullest because it is a gift that keeps on giving as long as I express gratitude.
  1. At the beginning of each day, I smile at the sun. Being able to see its glorious rising reminds me to put my best foot forward and shine.
  1. Challenges try to dim my spirit, but I constantly remind myself that the breath I breathe is my source of energy to persevere. It is a precious resource that I am committed to making the most of.
  1. When the evening comes, I lift my eyes to the mountains and take in their marvelous stature. They boast green fields and lush trees regardless of what is happening in the world around them.
  1. I take my examples for life from nature. Nature always shows me how to project beauty in even the dullest circumstances. It shows me that I alone have the responsibility to live my life well.
  1. My happiness is a result of my commitment to making the most of my opportunities and being grateful. That is enough to lead me to a satisfying and meaningful life.
  1. Today, each whiff of air I take in is a signal that I have more than enough potential to shine bright and live well. I feel immense gratitude for having this charmed life filled with possibility.

Affirmations are great tools to use when it comes to finding the courage you need to succeed in life. They can keep you optimistic when situations feel hopeless. They can remind you that you have everything in you to overcome your obstacles in life. Affirmations can shift your days in ways you never imagined possible, and give you the courage to take on anything in life.


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