Affirmations For Growth

Affirmations are positive thoughts spoken out loud that we repeat to ourselves in order to shift our mindset.  By practicing affirmations and experiencing their power, you can gain the success and happiness that you desire.  These affirmations for growth can help you grow as a human being and nurture your natural ability to realize your greatest potential.

Affirmations are positive thoughts spoken out loud that we repeat to ourselves in order to shift our mindset.  By practicing affirmations and experiencing their power, you can gain the success and happiness that you desire.  These affirmations for growth can help you grow as a human being and nurture your natural ability to realize your greatest potential.

Affirmations are positive thoughts spoken out loud that we repeat to ourselves in order to shift our mindset.  By practicing affirmations and experiencing their power, you can gain the success and happiness that you desire.  These affirmations for growth can help you grow as a human being and nurture your natural ability to realize your greatest potential.

I am experiencing an evolutionary growth spurt.

  1. As I reflect on how much I have grown in the past year, I can hardly recognize the person I once was. 
  1. I am exceedingly grateful that I have taken the time to go on a self-discovery journey. I see myself as the hero of my own story. I have gone down into the depths of my soul and dug out some old fears which I have now overcome.

I am proud of myself.

  1. I have come a very long way. I have overcome many fears. I now see fear as an ally. I have faced my fears and overcome them. I am stronger than ever.
  1. I now have the confidence to face all obstacles in my life and see them as growth opportunities. 
  1. I take the time to journal my experiences. That way, I can remember how far I have come. I have come very far, very fast. I am now ahead of the curve. I am now ahead of my time.
  1. Now, I can be a resource for those who are just recognizing their fears. I can support my coaching better now that I have experienced facing fears personally. I am a more compassionate coach. I am a better mentor.
  1. Today, I see overwhelming growth in my life. I am free of my fears and look forward to the many opportunities for additional growth that are coming my way.
  2. I have the courage to pursue my dreams.
  1. My dreams are big, but they are well within my grasp. I believe I can accomplish anything if I am fully committed. I am a highly capable individual with the courage to take on the biggest objectives.

My courage is one of my greatest strengths. I feel brave where others feel fear.

  1. My dreams are so attractive to me that just thinking about them makes me feel more courageous. 
  1. My courage allows me to make wise decisions and pursue actions that support my dreams and goals.
  1. My dreams are crystal clear to me. I have a clear vision of my future. This allows me to direct my courage in the right direction.
  1. I can get myself to do whatever needs to be done in the pursuit of my dreams.
  1. My courage and motivation build on each other and create a strong sense of certainty in me. I feel confident and brave.
  1. Today, I allow my courage to display itself to the world. I can easily do the hard things that need to be done. I am making the most of this day and taking a big step toward realizing my goals. I am using my courage to pursue my dreams.

Personal growth is my top priority.

  1. I consider my day successful when I am more mature than the day before. I encourage a renewed version of myself each day.
  1. Nourishing relationships is a daily responsibility. The circumstances of my close friends and family are impacted by their daily lives. I accept that their own situations affect how they relate to me. I am responsible for accepting them with love just the same.
  1. Instead of responding defensively when someone says something that I dislike, I choose love. I dissect the source of their expression instead of reacting to it.
  1. Asking questions is a great way to understand where someone is from. I recognize my personal growth because I am no longer quick to judge the meaning behind someone’s words.
  1. Hitting personal goals is sometimes challenging, but I empower myself whenever I am feeling incapable. As long as I commit my full effort to achieving something, I am fine with the result. Self-acceptance comes when I decide that my best is good enough.

It is important to me to recognize the success in any level of accomplishment that I reach.

  1. Whenever I see a glimpse of success, I take a moment to acknowledge it as the fruit of a positive mindset.
  1. Today, the person who I am now is smiling brighter than the version of me from my past. I accept that personal growth is a lifelong journey which I am patiently taking day by day.
  2. I am transforming into my magnificence.
  1. I have changed so much in my personal growth in the last year that I hardly recognize myself. I am astounded at how far I have come. I have grown into a magnificent butterfly from the tiny caterpillar I once was.
  1. I am proud of all the changes I have created in my life. I am proud that I have faced my demons and come out triumphant. I am truly proud of my accomplishments.
  1. I have always known that I had it in me. Nevertheless, doubt often prevails, even when I think I can do something.
  1. Now though, with all my growth from the past year, I finally have true confidence in my abilities.
  1. I am grateful for my determination and stamina that I can depend on to persevere when the going gets tough.

I am grateful for all the support I have to keep going. 

  1. I am greater now than ever. I am humbled at how much effort it takes to transform like that. I have learned many lessons, but I feel that it has all been worth it.
  1. As a caterpillar, I had no idea that I could become something more. While in the chrysalis of transformation, I surrendered to what was, in order to become what was next. I am grateful for all that I have gone through to get here.
  1. As I air out my wings and get ready to fly, I say “Thank you, Universe, for believing in me.”

Today, I finally claim my magnificence.

  1. I review and renew my life.
  1. At the end of the year, I like to review and renew my life. It is good for me to look back on the year and see how far I have come with my personal growth.
  1. I have grown by leaps and bounds this year. It has been a challenging year, and I have come out victorious! Through many challenges comes great opportunities, and I can honestly look back at this year with pride.
  1. I have overcome many fears and limiting beliefs that fail to serve me any longer. I have had my values challenged and I have matured. My priorities have shifted to more practical solutions.
  1. All in all, it has been a year of extreme growth.
  1. Sometimes it takes the refiner’s fire to test the mettle of my mind. I have become abundantly aware of unhelpful thoughts. I would say I have become hyper aware of my thoughts.
  1. Now, the minute an wayward thought crosses my mind, I have immediate turn around. I am transforming exponentially.

Like the rise of the phoenix, I feel my power growing. My wings are getting stronger. I feel the rush of air pass by me as I rise triumphant.

  1. At times, I have doubted myself, and now I give myself the benefit of the doubt. I have come through this year more alive than ever!
  1. Today, I give myself credit for having faith that I would make it through this year of trials and tribulations. I am stronger for having my mettle tested. With this added strength, I can face the next year with confidence and courage.
  2. I am proud of my growth.
  1. It is wonderful to say that today I am a different person than the version of me from in the past. I am proud of my changes. I love what drives me in life today. I recognize the importance of celebrating who I am now.

I embrace my values and my self-love. They give me confidence even when making tough decisions.

  1. I know what I deserve and am unafraid to declare that to others. It is freeing to finally commit to accepting only what serves me positively.
  1. Standing up for myself gives me courage. Each time I do it, I am further empowered to make myself a priority. I embrace the idea of living for others, but my first order of business is to strengthen my inner foundation.
  1. Shifting perspectives means representing myself as soft-spoken rather than shy. There is power in silence and I choose to represent it as a strength.
  1. My life choices today are fulfilling because living to make others happy is now a secondary focus. That is a big step for me because of my history of putting myself second. Building myself up makes it possible to share more love with others.
  1. Today, I smile in the mirror because I believe in myself. I evolve from day to day, molded by experience into a person of strength and confidence.

I commit to personal growth.

  1. I know it is important for me to be vigilant about improving my game. I stay consistent and persistent in achieving my goals. I stay on target.
  1. I find ways to take my determination to new heights. I find positive people to keep me motivated. I relinquish outdated forms of motivation to get ahead of the game. 
  1. I recognize that in this New Game of Life, I need to be “all in”. I stay present with the trends and get out ahead of them. I take the reins of leadership in my hot little hands.
  1. Just as in video games, where the players keep going up to higher levels, I keep my eye on the prize. My goals are within reach. I am positively motivated from within. 
  1. I read about the latest and greatest leaders in my field. I study what makes them tick. I try some of the same success strategies to see if they can work for me, too. 

I use my time wisely. I make the most of every moment. I follow people who uplift me. I then, in turn, lift others.

  1. In order to be a top performer in my field, I ensure that my body is in tip top shape. I eat foods that nourish my body and mind. My mind is sharp as a tack. I am on top of my game.
  1. As I keep raising the bar for myself, I become a peak performer.
  1. I rise to every occasion. I surprise myself with my incredible stamina. I am determined. I am strong-willed. I have everything it takes to do better than my previous best.
  1. Today, I am proof that personal growth is a life-long legacy.

I make myself proud each day.

  1. Each day is a great opportunity. I strive to live my life in a way that allows me to feel proud of myself each and every day.
  1. If I make the most of each day, I feel proud of myself, so I make it a point to have a productive day. I avoid wasting my time on trivial matters that do nothing to add something positive to my life. Such distractions keep me from making the most of the day.
  1. I am aware of my values. I demonstrate my values in the way I choose to live my life. When I am a living, breathing example of my values, I feel proud of myself.
  1. I am willing to step outside of my comfort zone. I am focused on my personal growth, and I must be outside of my comfort zone in order to grow. When I am brave enough to make myself uncomfortable in the name of personal growth, I make myself proud.

I respect and care about others. I enjoy being helpful and kind. When I display these attributes, I feel pride in myself.

  1. I have the power to live my life in a way that makes me proud. I am the one in charge of how I feel about myself. I choose to make myself proud each day.
  1. Today, I am living in a way that makes me swell with pride. I am looking forward to this evening when I can reflect back on my day and feel proud of myself.

Affirmations are a fantastic way to help yourself grow and become the best version of yourself possible. But it’s important to understand that affirmations aren’t some sort of magic trick. You can’t just repeat something to yourself over and over again for weeks or months at a time without actually taking action, and expecting any real change to occur. 

Affirmations are simply reminders of positive self-talk that when used properly can help you to step into your full power and potential.


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