Affirmations for Love and Self-Love

Owning our power in life is an important step in the self-improvement process. Often when we experience failure, disappointment, loss, or challenges in relationships, we seem to lose sight of who we really are. Affirmations for love and self-love are powerful tools that can help you rediscover your sense of power and well-being.

Owning our power in life is an important step in the self-improvement process. Often when we experience failure, disappointment, loss, or challenges in relationships, we seem to lose sight of who we really are. Affirmations for love and self-love are powerful tools that can help you rediscover your sense of power and well-being.

Affirmations for love and self-love are powerful tools that can help you rediscover your sense of power and well-being.

These affirmations for love and self-love will help you operate in your full power.

I treat myself gently.

  1. I love and value myself.
  1. I take breaks. I pause in between tasks to clear my mind and renew my energy. I breathe deeply. I chat with a friend or drink a cup of tea.
  1. I shorten my to do list. I set realistic goals and allow myself enough time to complete my work without having to rush. I identify my top priorities and cut down on projects that are less meaningful to me.
  1. I monitor my inner dialogue. I speak kindly to myself. 
  1. I look after my health and wellbeing. I eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. I connect with family and friends. I listen to my body. I allow myself more time to rest when I feel ill or have an injury.
  1. I avoid comparing myself to others. I measure my performance by my own standards. I recognize my strengths. I give myself credit for making an effort.

When I make a mistake, I forgive myself and move on. I learn from experience.

  1. I disconnect from technology for at least one hour each day. I turn off my phone and other devices during mealtimes and late in the evening before bed.
  1. I schedule time each day to do something I enjoy. I cook my favorite meals and drink a glass of wine. I read books and magazines. I play with my kids and pets. 
  1. Today, I treat myself with compassion and respect. I recognize my personal strengths and celebrate my authenticity. 
  1. I make my own sunshine.

Happiness comes from within.

  1. I savor my food. I prepare delicious and nutritious meals and snacks. I set the table and sit down to eat even when I am dining alone.
  1. I listen to music. I play my favorite songs while I am driving to work or running in the park. I create playlists that make housework more fun.
  1. I indulge in a spa day at home. I soak in a bubble bath and paint my nails. I pamper my skin with a deep steam cleaning and rich moisturizers. I lounge around in a soft, thick robe drinking fresh orange juice.
  1. I spend time with my family and friends. I go out on date nights with my partner and read bedtime stories with my children. I schedule weekly coffee dates with my buddies.
  1. I laugh and play. I make crafts with my children or stage a sock puppet show. I throw tennis balls for my dog to fetch. I watch funny movies and home videos. I lighten the mood at work with appropriate humor.
  1. I wear a big smile. I am friendly and approachable. I thank employees who help me while I am running my errands. I engage in pleasant small talk with strangers.

I accept myself as I am. I let go of past disappointments and silence my inner critic. I love myself unconditionally.

  1. Today, I treat myself with kindness and respect. Taking care of myself makes me more joyful, peaceful, and successful.
  2. I am gentle with myself through new experiences.
  1. Knowing that I am capable of anything gives me calm confidence.
  1. The spirit of fear resides outside of my consciousness. I refuse to allow it to cast self-doubt over me and cause me to cower. My abilities are proven, so I grant myself the time to adapt to new situations.
  1. Changing jobs causes heightened emotions, but I stand firm in my confidence. Although I sometimes feel a little nervous, I avoid allowing it to impact my performance.
  1. When I make a mistake while doing something new, I take a moment to understand why. Connecting the dots allows me to identify my misstep and make corrections going forward. Being able to identify that blunder is a great victory in itself.
  1. Starting new personal relationships is also challenging, but I welcome the challenge. I remind myself that the other person is also getting to know me.
  1. Whenever I feel afraid of showing my less favorable side, I give myself confidence by remembering that we are all imperfect. I am beautiful enough to receive love and kindness from others. Whomever is unable to see my beauty is unsuitable for my life.

I know that the greatest people in the world learn through errors. It is important that I keep moving forward instead of giving up.

  1. Today, I honor my soul by showing myself kindness and love. In each new situation that challenges me, I declare that I am worthy and able to conquer the challenge. I keep my spirit thriving regardless of the circumstance.
  1. I choose to see my loved ones as gifts.
  1. I am grateful for all that my partner brings to my life. I feel loved and supported. My partner makes me feel appreciated and capable.
  1. I am encouraged by my partner on a regular basis. I can count on my partner to be there for me whenever I am in need. My partner is a blessing.
  1. My family is kind and loving. I receive all the support I need from my family at all times. I am blessed with an amazing group of people that I call my family. I always feel safe and protected.
  1. My friends are an amazing gift. I have an endless supply of friendly ears willing to listen to my problems. My social life is awesome, and I am fortunate to enjoy a large group of friends that make my life fun and interesting.
  1. Today, I give thanks for my loved ones. I recognize all of the benefits they provide to my life. How lucky I am to be loved by such a wonderful group of people!
  1. I am excited to spend time with my partner and my family today. I choose to see them as gifts that light up my life.

I am beautiful just the way I am.

  1. When I look in the mirror each morning, I see a true reflection of me. The person looking back at me is beautiful.
  1. The reflection today sometimes differs from previous reflections, but I am still the same person on the inside. Any difference is only from the outside, so I accept and love myself regardless of my physical features.
  1. At times, I am hard on myself for gaining too much weight, but I am careful to adjust my thoughts. I remind myself that my spirit and mind make me beautiful.
  1. Although I have goals for my external appearance, I spend very little time dwelling on those. It is true that my inner being shines through regardless of how I appear on the outside. My emphasis is on having a good heart and a kind spirit.
  1. Even when others say hurtful things to make me lose confidence in myself, I still give myself love. I know that the hurtful words of others sometimes come from broken hearts.
  1. I own my beauty. I see myself as someone with a lot of love to give and that is truly beautiful. When I give out love, I get love in return. There are many people who love me deeply. I am embraced for my spirit.
  1. Today, the current version of myself is the one that I love the most. It is the truest one because I live with a clean heart and pureness of thought. My choice to give love results in me getting love in return.

I love myself fully.

  1. I accept myself as I am. I honor my physical, mental, and spiritual needs.
  1. I eat a nutritious diet rich in whole foods. I exercise regularly. I aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.
  1. I manage stress. I find relaxation practices that work for me. I maintain a positive outlook.
  1. I connect with something bigger than myself. I practice my faith. I commune with nature. I study science.
  1. I maintain healthy boundaries. I let others know how I want to be treated. I act decisively if someone exceeds my limits. I stand up for my principles. I give myself permission to walk away from unhealthy relationships.

I show compassion for myself. I treat myself gently when I am struggling. I ask for help when I need it.

  1. I reach out to others. Being generous and kind gives me a warm glow inside. Having a positive impact on my community helps me to recognize my own power.
  1. I act with integrity. I make choices that align with my values.  I follow through on my commitments. Being responsible and consistent protects my self-esteem and helps me to feel more comfortable with myself.
  1. I focus on progress rather than perfection. I forgive myself when I fall short of expectations. I give myself credit for making an effort. I value learning from experience.
  1. Today, I validate myself. I recognize that whatever I need already dwells inside me. I am wonderful and loveable.

I am love.

  1. I claim love as who I am. 
  1. The more I learn about love, I realize that love is all there is.
  1. I choose to believe that the universe is made from love. I believe that love permeates the universe.
  1. The more I learn, I am starting to feel that love is the force that creates all things. I therefore recognize myself as love. 
  1. I choose to see all things through the eyes of love. I treat myself and all others in a loving manner.

I am creating a world of love.

  1. I can now feel love permeating every cell of my body. I realize that my body is becoming more vibrantly alive the more I see it that way.
  1. I believe that I create my reality in each moment. I know that thoughts are things. I know that thoughts create things. I know that I need to be careful of my thoughts. 
  1. I feel the love coursing through my veins. I feel the love emanating out of me. I feel the love coming from my eyes as I look at this beautiful world.
  1. Today, I acknowledge that I am an important part of all that Is. I am love.
  1. I feel safe and loved.
  1. My world is friendly and secure.
  1. I appreciate myself as I am. I treat myself with compassion. I practice self-care. I eat healthy and exercise regularly. I speak to myself with kind and encouraging words. I remember that I am worthy of love and respect.
  1. I develop mutually supportive relationships. I spend time with family and friends who give me constructive feedback and motivate me to pursue my goals. I enjoy deep conversations and fun nights out.

I maintain reasonable boundaries. I communicate tactfully and directly. I advocate for my needs. I let others know how I want to be treated.

  1. I give generously. I share my time and resources. Helping others makes me feel competent and connected. 
  1. I embrace change. I recognize that transitions are a natural part of life. I keep my skills up to date. I welcome new opportunities with enthusiasm. I focus on what I have to gain.
  1. I face reality. Trying to avoid conflicts and challenges can make me more anxious. I deal with situations head on. I give myself credit for trying. I teach myself that I am strong enough to handle what comes my way.
  1. I count my blessings. I pay attention to the times when others reward my trust and shower me with kindness. 
  1. I reflect on my life and pray in gratitude. I feel part of something bigger than myself.
  1. Today, I protect myself by making smart choices and turning to my loved ones when I need help. I am supported and safe.

I enjoy my own company.

  1. I am comfortable spending time alone. In fact, I love the time I am able to spend with myself! I love my friends and family, but I also enjoy my own company very much.
  1. I use the time I spend alone to explore my hobbies. I believe that it is important to engage in hobbies that I love on a regular basis. This is the perfect time for hobby activities.
  1. I enjoy solitude because I am able to learn more about myself.
  1. I am an interesting person, and I love having the opportunity to explore my mind and soul. I use my alone time to examine my life, behavior, and thoughts. I examine my past and consider my future. 
  1. I get more done when I am free of distractions. My productivity and creativity shine when I am alone. My problem-solving skills are at their best.

I am able to find a solution to any challenge when I have the gift of solitude.

  1. I feel free to be myself and live my life exactly as I choose during my precious time alone. I have more control over my life and my time when I am free from the expectations of others.
  1. Today, I enjoy the time I spend with myself. I give myself permission to spend this time exactly as I please. I enjoy my own company.
  1. Love is the language that brings peace to the world.
  1. Stripping away the learned mindset from my socialization allows me to see what truly matters. The basis of successful human interaction is love.
  1. Peace and understanding lead to my ability to live well with others. It allows me to see others as my brothers and sisters instead of holders of opposing opinions.
  1. When I hold conversations with friends that have strong views, I listen without judgment. I open my mind to their perspective. This approach encourages me to disagree without creating division between us.
  1. It is important to be able to exist with others regardless of their personal or political views. I accept and love that each person is entitled to her own point of view.
  1. Love takes different forms in my personal and professional life. When I interact with the people I work with, I maintain professional openness. It is my way of embracing them without criticism.

I appreciate those whose love for me is consistent despite our differing perspectives.

  1. Today, the language of togetherness and synergy is love. I hold strong to the deepest and most recognizable language that requires no explanation. I welcome love in my life, and I give it to each person who I interact with.

We are surrounded by negativity, self-doubt, bad self-image. It is easy to fall into the pattern of negative thinking, dragging us down mentally and emotionally. 

This is not something we can stop, because at times it will happen to each one of us. But with affirmations, we can change all of that. One way to stay positive and keep our minds strong is to write affirmations every day. We need to be our own biggest fans.

As the saying goes, when you love yourself, you help others to love themselves. You give people around you reason to stop and say to themselves “I want to be more like her.” 

Affirmations have the power to shape who you are, who you become, and what your life becomes. 

The positive effects of self-love are real, and they are waiting for you!


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