My Growth Journey + The Thing That Catapulted It

We all have a story, and whether we decide to share or not, our lives and the stories that come with them can help others reach their next milestone, find inspiration to overcome, and so much more. My transparency is my gift and I use it to help others know they are not alone, they can overcome, and that you have full control over your life when you focus on yourself and what matters to you most.

5 Step Guide for Inbox Zero


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5 Ways to Produce Content that Converts

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Set Goals That Actually Matter & Then Achieve Them

All too often, people set goals that don’t really matter to them or that are actually the goals that other people have for them. One of the main keys to success in goal setting is actually setting goals that you want for yourself, independent of what others think or feel.

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Benefits of Working With a Coach For Personal & Professional Development

There is no right or wrong time to seek out the help of a coach.  And the benefits of working with a coach can really depend on where you find yourself hung. Different people seek out the help of a coach at different levels or phases of the transformation process.  Once you are clear on exactly what you want in your life, personally and/or professionally, a coach can help you to turn your desires into goals. And that is when the real fun starts!

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I’m TaKenya Hampton


Fueled by equal parts oat milk lattes and passion alike, I spend my days homeschooling my youngest kid and figuring out ways to help women change the world by finding, understanding, and loving themselves and all the pieces of their unique individuality.   

Your story, your life, is important and I get excited thinking about the moment when that realization is truly made and REALLY leaned into. 

I live for real moments, connections, and heartfelt conversations that expand my thinking and perspectives.

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