Executive Coaching

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Provides a challenging, but supportive working collaboration.

Provides a challenging, but supportive working collaboration.

Benefits both individuals and organizations by improving employee performance through skill development, increased confidence, and focus.

Benefits both individuals and organizations by improving employee performance through skill development, increased confidence, and focus.

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My Role

As an executive coach, I provide a confidential thinking space.  Allowing time for you to talk about your concerns, worries, dreams, and goals, and be heard.

I will help you to leverage your current resources to solve problems and navigate the steps to take to achieve your individual and organizational goals.

With executive coaching, there is always a desired goal that we are working toward. Some examples include:

  • Skill Development
  • Career Planning
  • Time Management
  • Team Building
  • Role Transition

I am highly supportive of clients, but also want to challenge you. 

I give the right balance of support and pushing, to help you achieve optimal performance.

How I Help

challenged to be and do greater

I help you consider the decisions you are making and to challenge your own views in a non-controversial way. To ensure that you are making decisions that allow you to move forward with the best interest of yourself and your organization in mind.

How I Help...



If you are an individual seeking executive coaching, it’s likely you are working as an executive, a high-performing employee, or looking to progress in your career.

Executive coaching is designed to help you succeed in your role or desired role. 

Executive coaching can help you:

  • Manage your time efficiently
    Understand work stressors and learn how to cope with potential triggers
  • Define boundaries and create and maintain a good work/life balance
  • Make time for individual progress and set achievable goals
  • Embrace your individual creativity and intellectual freedom

Additionally, it can also provide you with a safe environment to reflect and refocus on confidential issues, or issues that are important to you.

I can also act as a sounding board – something that tends to be needed even more for senior-level executives.



There are so many benefits to organizations investing in executive coaching for their teams.

A happy workforce can translate into a high-performing workforce. But there are more detailed benefits to investing in executive coaching.

Motivations for organizations introducing executive coaching into their workplace:


  • To support the appointment and transition of a senior person into a more senior, or new role
  • To accelerate the personal development of individuals defined as ‘high potential’
  • To navigate the effective implementation of organizational change, through supporting teams and individuals
  • As an independent sounding board for a senior individual to think through important decisions
  • To support senior individuals engaged in wider personal effectiveness programs, such as the 360-degree appraisal or development planning.

What to Expect

The process typically starts with intake and assessments.  Then proceed forward with goal setting and development planning.  And advancing through the development plan, with regular meetings and check-ins with the employee (and potentially the employee’s manager).

Hire me as your coach.

If you have never worked with me before, I recommend starting with a discovery call to determine if we are a good fit.

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