Life Renewed

a 90 day transformation journey

with TaKenya Hampton, MBA

An Individual Journey. . . Taken Together!

With Guided Support

Transformation Personified

fully embodied Change

You'll go through so many transformations in life that you won't be able to count them all.  Think back to how many times you have changed over the years.

Some happen by chance, 

others by design.

Some of our transformations are consciously made, and others happen as a result of time, experience, or some other variable.

Life Renewed is an intentional and beautiful growth transformation that takes you to new heights and a better version of yourself.

When we feel lost or disconnected from our true selves, 

it's time to start living the life we were meant to have.

That's why I created this 90-day program combining traditional coaching with a safe space for you to connect or reconnect to your true self.

Life is full of surprises, but not all surprises are bad ones. I've been there too when my world was turned upside down. I know what it's like to feel lost and unsure about your future. But it doesn't have to stay that way.

Life Renewed gets you re-energized, clears out the mental clutter, and puts short-term goals in place that clear the path to a renewed outlook on a life that you actively show up in.

Life is full of surprises, 

but not all surprises are bad ones. 

I've been there too when my world was turned upside down. I know what it's like to feel lost and unsure about your future. But it doesn't have to stay that way.

Why Take This Journey With Me?

Why Take This Journey With Me?

I get it...

All of it.

I am the expert of me, have done and continually doing this work to give myself what I need.

While I am not the expert of you, who knows how to fix all your problems, I am going to help you embrace being the expert of you (through increased self-awareness using my self-centered framework) and to have the strength, courage, and energy to give yourself what you need.

I don't want to fix you

Life is messy, but it's also beautiful.
You are not broken, and you do not need to be fixed.

We often think that to improve our lives we must be broken, beat down, and busted. The truth is that when you love yourself wholeheartedly it motivates you and aligns you to what you desire.

We all crave good company

Our souls search for what's like our state of mind. So when we're miserable, we gravitate towards like-minded, like-feeling, like-generated suffering.

When we're happy, we gravitate towards those things that make, generate, and feel like happiness.

So the growth experience allows us to be in the company of other growth seekers looking to be their best, encouraging yu to be your best, and helping to remind you what is is important in life.

We are staring something amazing!

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The Details...

Every single cell in the himan body replaces itsel over a period of seven years. That means there's not even the sallesr oartr of you now that was part of you seven years ago.

Steven Hall



I want to help you see yourself differently.

Do you tend to avoid what you fear doing most?  find yourself procrastinating on the things you need to do but just don't wanna?

Let's stop that NOW!

It is actions, steps taken through fear, that lead to your goals being accomplished and a life you enjoy becoming a reality.

When we face our fears head on, we open ourselves up to new opportunities and possibilities.

As your coach and someone who has been right where you are, I serve as a support and guide to help you work through powerful thought work and meaningful conversations.

The end result is, you overcome your limiting blocks and beliefs, and ascend toward success and accomplishment you have only dreamt of before.

And THAT is the WHY…

your accomplishment and success!!

An Investment
In You,
For You

We oftentimes make excuses when it comes time to make investments in ourselves.  

We say things like “I'm too old for things to change”, “What will I really have to show for the investment?”, or “I don't have time…”.

This is a journey of starting something new, so you can do something new, so you can live RENEWED!

This is a journey of self-discovery. 

One that allows you to navigate from where you are starting to get to where you want to go in order to live the life you want and deserve.


Month 1

Discovery & goal setting

Module 1


Module 2


Module 3

taking inventory & action

Module 4

a happy heart

Month 2

Spring cleaning

Module 5

energy leaks

Module 6

letting go

Module 7

releasing toxicity

Module 8

habits of success

Month 3

new habits + support

Module 9

spark squad

Module 10

looking ahead

Module 11

future focused

Module 12

defining life renewed

ready to invest in yourself?



This is a virtual, live 12-week immersive experience with weekly meetings and reflective thought work that will guide our conversation and experience.

This is a group coaching experience.  There will be no individual sessions.  If you feel you are in need of 1-on-1 support you can book a discovery call and we can discuss what your needs are.

A lot of factors can go into determining the right fit, but here are a few things to start you off:

  • You have a strong desire for change.

  • You desire a group of like-minded women who are interested in accomplishing similar goals

  • You thrive in spaces where you can share openly and receive feedback from several voices

  • Working on your own (either via self-help books or attending one-day workshops) has been insufficient in seeing the results you want

If you’re still unsure, you can book a discovery call so that we can go over any questions or concerns you may have.

As a coach, I require every client that I work with sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that conversations shared between us remain confidential. In a group setting, part of the agreement for each group member is that they will also be held to the same confidentiality policy.

I ask that you approach this experience with:

  • an open mind

  • willingness to do the work and be vulnerable and lean in to discomfort

  • intentions to make change

My coaching services are more geared toward women. To create a safe space for openness and transparency, this experience is for women only.

The benefits of this experience are going to vary from person to person.  The collective experience is beneficial in that it allows a safe space for vulnerability, reflection, and discussion, free of judgement,

Let's Get Started!

You read all the information and determined this is what you need at this EXACT moment and you're ready to take the next step.  

Let's get started!

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Payment Plans

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4 payments of $455

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