TaKenya Hampton, MBA


Business | career | Personal Development

Hey! I am TaKenya.

A personal and professional development coach specializing in helping women to get to know and understand themselves as the basis for setting and achieving goals to create a life you desire to live.

Increasing self-awareness, to include not only your own view of yourself but also having an understanding of how the world experiences you increases your chances for positive growth and habits that help you to attract the things you desire, and leave behind those things that you don’t.

I help female growth seekers transform the relationship they have with themselves by releasing self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, and negative self-talk. We work together to help embrace and embody your full greatness – both personally and/or professionally. Leaving you empowered to reframe the narrative, rewrite the story, and move from stuck to successful, in all ways, for always.

Hey! I am TaKenya.

I am a self taught website designer and personal and professional development coach for growth seeking women ready to make changes that lead them to their real and true desires.

Helping women transform their mindset, businesses, relationships, and lives so you not only want to show up, but feel good doing it!

I help you to set goals, accomplish those goals, and live a life that you are truly proud of and that you want to show up in.

That can be working to make a shift in your business because it’s not working for you or making changes in your personal life because you are just feeling like there’s more to life than what you have right now and you want to do the work – get, see, and/or feel something different.

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