Crystals For Luck and Success in Your Career – Do They Work?

For those of us who have career-focused goals, there are all sorts of options for reaching them, including crystals. Crystals are one-of-a-kind pieces of stone. They can be used to not only beautify your surroundings but also to bring you good luck and fortune in your career and business endeavors. 

Believe it or not, crystals for luck and success are a thing—and they may just be what you need to propel your career forward. Here’s a rundown of how crystals can potentially help you land that dream job, get ahead at work, and more.

For those of us who have career-focused goals, there are all sorts of options for reaching them, including crystals. Crystals are one-of-a-kind pieces of stone. They can be used to not only beautify your surroundings but also to bring you good luck and fortune in your career and business endeavors. 

Crystals have been popular throughout history in many cultures and religions, but what do they really do? Are they just pretty rocks or can they really help your career? 

While I am no Crystals expert, I have started to use crystals in my own spiritual/healing/growth journey.  But I have joined with Jovhannah Tisdale, The Spiritual Love Healer to share whether or not crystals can help with your career success and how you can incorporate them into your life.

Jovhannah is a Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Healing practitioner, known as the Spiritual Love Healer. She is the founder of the Spiritual Love Sanctuary and creator of the Healing Single Mothers Show.

Jovhannah helps women heal their hearts and minds from abusive, unhealthy, toxic relationships. To activate and expand their hearts, instilling an abundance mindset so they can live Abundantly Ever After.

As a spiritual healer, she works with crystals to help her clients open their hearts and shift their mindsets to manifest their desires. This work was birthed through her own experience with trauma that led her on a journey of healing and personal growth. Jovhannah created the Spiritual Love Planner infused with goddess energy to help you manifest your desires. 

How Crystals Can Help With Your Luck and Success in Your Career

While crystals can’t guarantee career success, they can definitely help. Just by wearing your favorite crystal—such as quartz or carnelian—you’ll begin to feel more alert and confident. Plus, research shows that carrying a good luck charm can improve performance on high-pressure tasks like exams or job interviews. 

If you’re interested in improving your professional life with crystals, here are some crystals to consider and how they can possibly help.

photo of assorted cyrstals including quartz- crystals for luck and success

Quartz Crystal

Quartz is often used for healing,  good luck, and prosperity. And there are several variations of quartz crystals.

If you believe in using crystals for career success and want to purchase a crystal that can aid you on your journey into work-related power and influence, then quartz may be worth considering. 

However, while quartz can bring good fortune, it cannot take your place at a meeting or give an amazing presentation when you’re too nervous to speak up. 

Crystals are not a replacement for hard work!

a clear quartz crystal with rough texture can be used for meditation and energy toward career success

Clear Quartz

Sometimes referred to as the universal healer, clear quartz has been used for centuries by spiritual and religious leaders. It has a calming effect. And that can help with procrastination, allowing you to focus on your work rather than on unimportant details or distractions.

Carry a clear quartz crystal with you throughout your day. Keeping it close to bring clarity and calmness to your mind.

photo of rose quartz - crystals for luck and success

Rose Quartz

A stone of gentleness and love, rose quartz can help you achieve career success by promoting harmony and balance. 

Rose quartz is a great crystal to use when you’re about to meet with clients or employees. It helps to promote friendly interaction that may otherwise be tense. 

It can also be used as an amulet against stress and trauma. Wearing rose quartz jewelry, holding it in your hand, or placing it on your desk will ensure that you keep a positive mindset throughout your day and absorb its vibrational energy.

photo of amethyst which can be used for career success


One of the most popular crystals is amethyst. It is said to help you control your emotions and cleanse your aura, resulting in improved career success. 

As a homeopathic remedy, amethyst can reduce stress by providing clarity when faced with difficult decisions and challenges at work. 

Place it on your desk or wear it around your neck as a good luck charm. But as with all crystals, it’s important to clear them regularly for maximum effectiveness (see How To Clean Your Crystals).


Sapphire is considered one of nature’s most powerful tools for deflecting energy that is not good for you. It works especially well with issues around self-esteem, relationships, and business ventures. 

Think of it as a shield that protects you from negative energy while attracting positive energy to help you on your journey.

Are crystals for career success worth your time and money? 

Well, that depends on what you mean by career success. If you just want a promotion at work, then no. Crystals aren’t going to get you there faster, without you taking the right steps. 

But if you really do have a belief in their power, if using them allows you to feel more positive about your job situation and yourself—if they help put a metaphorical crystal-coated lens over your day—then absolutely.

Using crystals for career success can be as simple as using them as a positive focus to start each day, or more involved, such as incorporating them into your meditating or manifesting practice. And neither of these are ever a bad thing.

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