Essential Leadership Skills That Can Help Secure Your Future as a Great Leader

Continually honing in on your skills is always a good idea, and leadership skills are no different.  Acquiring new and continually improving your own leadership skills helps to improve team dynamics, productivity, and overall morale.

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It's never been more challenging to be a leader than it is today. 

Markets and entire industries are changing at a fast pace, and for any leader to be successful, it's important to have the proper skills.

Many of these skills will continually be relevant. For example, leaders will always need to be able to communicate effectively and well, be able to delegate tasks, and manage time. 

Leadership development creates skilled and empowered leaders, allows for greater innovation, attracts, and also retains top talent, which can lead to great customer retention.

It truly is a trickle-down effect.

You can rest assured that your leadership skills will be valuable for as long as you intend to use them.

10 Leadership Skills That Can Protect Your Future As A Leader

The Ability To Motivate Others 

Great leaders are great motivators. Keeping a positive attitude and figuring out the different ways that your team members are motivated will be invaluable for keeping up morale and working toward company goals and objectives.

Communication Skills

Leaders must be excellent communicators. This can include public speaking, addressing small groups, and one-on-one. Remember to practice effective listening skills. 

Delegation Skills

You can't do it all alone. Many high-achievers have trouble letting go and giving up control. 

It is essential to trust others and utilize them in the most effective way possible. As a leader, equipping your people to be able to take over things that may need to be delegated is an important skill.  It's not enough to just delegate, you must delegate assignments to those who will excel in that particular task.

Create Culture

Leaders must create a culture that matches the industry and employees. 

A Wall Street investment bank has a different culture than an elementary school or a pharmaceutical company. Even outside of company culture, departments may have their own unique culture as well.


Leadership will always face new and different challenges. 

Industries change. 

Customers change. 

Economic conditions change. 

Technology is rapidly changing the way organizations do business. And team dynamics can change when new people come onto the team or existing employees leave.

Leaders have to be able to evolve to meet the ever-changing landscape.

Time Management

Time management skills are easily learned but don't come naturally to many people.

Leaders are busy. There's always more to do than there are hours in the day. Choosing the most important tasks and making the time to complete them is paramount.

Knowing how to work smarter, and not harder in order to maintain a positive work-life balance is essential to demonstrate to your team, but also to ensure that you don’t reach the point of work burnout.

Relationship Management

Great leaders have strong relationships with their direct reports, hourly employees, executives, and customers. The stronger your relationships, the more you can accomplish. 

At a time when you are experiencing great challenges, your relationships can make all the difference.

Change Management

In addition to being able to adapt to change, leading an organization or department through change, also known as change management, is a valuable skill to develop. There are a number of reasons that change management is so essential.

What exactly is change management?

It is a method that helps ease any organizational changes and transitions. Particularly, it serves on the people side of change.

It encourages employees to understand, commit to, believe in, and embrace changes that happen within their current work setting.

As companies add technology and potentially reduce workforces, change comes more rapidly.  Knowing how to keep your team on board during big changes and motivated to shift with new goals and processes is essential.

Know When To Lean On Your Team Or Be A Follower

Leaders have to follow, too.

No one wakes up one day and just becomes a leader. The reality is that having the title of  “manager,” “director,” or “vice president” doesn’t make you one. Becoming a leader tends to involve a long and continuous process, and it begins with being a good follower.

Well-run organizations or companies can not be so without first hiring and retaining committed and dedicated high performers. People that are not in leadership roles, also seen as followers.

Leaders that don't follow are dictators. Once you inspire a team, they become largely self-sufficient. It is then your job to follow and provide occasional guidance.

Even the biggest of leaders we know – Oprah, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and many others – got to where they are alone.  The had a team of hard-working, dedicated individuals helping them bring the vision to life.


Leaders face challenges. Poise is a necessary trait for a leader to possess. Without poise, small challenges become bigger, and employees lose faith. 

When you're stressed and panicked, your employees are most likely uncomfortable. Build your composure if you want to excel as a leader.

How do your skills measure up? You can try to predict your success as a manager using this list of skills.

Your results will be heightened when you build your skills.  Leadership skills continue to be highly valued in the workplace.  Even with all the big changes in modern businesses.

Great leaders, not just leaders, are always in high demand.

Looking to develop the leadership skills of yourself or your employees?

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There is nothing like having people who get it and tools that help you get where you want to be.   Find that in the FREE Transparency + Truth Facebook group!

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