the importance of overcoming fears

001: The Importance of Overcoming Fear

On today’s show I am talking about why it is important that we overcome our fears, the different types of fears, and how to overcome them.
Transparency & Truth
Transparency & Truth
001: The Importance of Overcoming Fear

Show Notes

Fear is experienced differently by everyone. With some people, it’s in the anticipation – what if I fail? Others feel it while they are taking action – what if I make a fool of myself? 

1:56 – what is fear

3:10 – when fear is useful

4:00 – when fear does not serve you

5:01 – examples of fears that are limiting your potential

12:57 – why its important to overcome your fears

13:59 – 4 things you need to do to start to overcome your fears

About Your Host

TaKenya Hampton is a personal and professional development coach – a.k.a. Your Growth Guide, located in Raleigh, NC.

I help female growth seekers transform their relationship with themselves by releasing self-sabotaging beliefs and negative self-talk. My clients and supporters learn to embrace and embody their full greatness both personally and professionally. They are empowered to reframe the narrative, rewrite the story, and move from stuck to successful.

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