“Struggle doesn’t make success happen. In fact, struggle can prevent success from happening. If you seek struggle you will find it. If you seek ease, you will find it.”


Personal + Business

Helping you navigate life and business so that you work through and overcome obstacles to come out on top.

When you realize that CHANGE is the only way forward.

How I Help...


processes + automation

Helping you find and create areas of opportunity to work more effectively and efficiently without it all depending on you to get it done. 

Free yourself to work IN your business and not ON your business.

How I Help...


get things done

Helping you to create a positive customer experience and hire and train a team that helps you to get it all done like the professional that you are.

Working smarter, not harder so you can enjoy work-life balance.

How I Help...


a growth guided approach

We don't start when you need to be convinced that change is needed.

We get started when you know change is the only way forward.

How I Help...




Defining standards for success, setting goals that support growth, and accountability to make the desired life changes.



small business owners + entrepreneurs

Identifying the opportunities and gaps in business operations, and establishing processes and systems for increased efficiency.



leadership development

Helping leaders and high-level employees to gain self-awareness, clarify goals, and fulfill their development objectives, to unlock their individual and team potential.

“Do not let the memories of your past limit the potential of your future. There are no limits to what you can achieve on your journey through life, except in your mind.”



Find Clarity

Learn how to identify your true voice and understand what's important so you can speak up confidently with clarity.

Gain Insight

Understand what blocks you from living the life you want, so you can move forward faster.

Get inspired

Find new ways to implement simple changes in your life so that old habits no longer control you.



take Your Time Back

Feel less overwhelmed and less busy as you build systems and habits to work efficiently without feeling too stressed or burned out.

Do More of What Matters

Learn how to step back from busywork and focus on making a difference so that all of the things are always getting done.

See Results


Turn new and refreshing practical approaches into habits so they can become part of who you are, instead of just what you do.

hey girl, hey!

I’m TaKenya Hampton

a little about me


hey girl, hey!

I’m TaKenya Hampton

a little about me

I am a little practical, a little spiritual, and a little woo (IYKYK).  But all about doing what works for and feels good to me.  And empowering others to do what works for them!

I believe in using the tools you have available to you to get the understanding and outcomes that you want and need.  

I am a personal and professional development coach that uses practical, real-life solutions and systems to help women find out more about themselves and learn how to use their strengths to their advantage and overcome their weaknesses. I'm excited for the moment when you realize that you are the author of your story, it is important, and you pull out your pen to write it!

I live for moments that make me feel alive, connections that make me feel like I'm not alone in this world, and conversations that allow me to explore my thoughts in a way I never have before.


missing pieces

Tired of feeling like you don't have all the pieces to the puzzle?

We will not only find all the pieces
we will finish the picture with them

I custom-design all of my coaching programs to fit the specific needs of each individual or group.  So you are not getting a cookie cutter program or system.  You are getting something tailored to our individual or group dynamic.

Her courses were the kickstart I needed to take my business to the next level and FINALLY quit my corporate job.

amelia a.


woman standing and smiling at camera

one at a time

One Time Coaching

A One Time Coaching Session is a way to get clarity and create a plan towards any goal you want to hit. You get one on one support from me in the form of an 90 minute coaching call. This coaching session can cover topics around you defining your personal values, fleshing out a business idea, or new goals you've set that need just a little extra push to help achieve them.

Clarify your next level goals and assemble an actionable plan that allows you to smash your goals and create the momentum you need to unlock massive change. This session will be personalized to your needs and customized to apply the best solutions.

It will be recorded for you to keep and view in the future.

Investment: $199

diving in


Imagine a place where you could come together with a group of women who just want to see you succeed. A place where you can be held accountable and push yourself beyond your limits. Imagine no more!

Group coaching is a combination of a support circle and a mastermind. Where a group of women with similar interests and goals come together to work toward their individual goals in a safe, judgment free space. You’ll meet and interact with others who are also working toward becoming a better version of themselves. There will be weekly live events based on specific themes or topics.

The best part? You leave each meeting with a call to action to further develop our work that week and/or prepare for the next week.

Investment varies by program

a diverse group of woman standing together
two women sitting in a coaching session

going deep


Coaching where we identify your goals and work toward creating a plan of action that aligns with your values, dreams, and desires.

My passion is helping women escape the confines of their blocks and limiting beliefs to venture out into a world of possibilities.

I create an environment where you can feel safe to explore and push past your fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs so that you can live the life you choose to live. I know the steps it takes to move from the box we create for ourselves to take charge of our lives and make the changes we wish to see in our reality.

Investment: $35 for discovery call & customized to client needs

What Does It Really Mean To Be An Introvert or Extravert

What Does It Really Mean To Be An Introvert or Extravert

You've heard that being an introvert or extrovert simply means how you recharge. 

But what if it's more than that?

What if knowing what it REALLY means could help you process the world in a bold new way?

Check out the video and get all the deets


I understand that you may be curious about my services, but most information can be found here on the site.  If you have questions that are not answered here, feel free to contact me with your general questions.

The fee ensures that I am meeting with clients who are serious about finding the right coach and start a working relationship. It will be applied to services if you decide to move forward within 30 days of your discovery call.

This is dependent on the individual client and their individual needs. A typical coaching relationship is anywhere between 6 months to a year but can be longer.

Schedules vary by clients and the needs of each client.  A typical coaching relationship is at minimum 6 month commitment.

The cost of coaching is tailored to the needs of the client and the payment options that are chosen.

After a discovery call, the client will receive a proposal that has options and the associated costs.

Feel free to contact me directly to get your questions answered.

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