The Truth About Me Workbook

The Truth About Me Workbook

A Strength and Talent Discovery Workbook to help you become more self-aware.


The Truth About Me: Strength and Talent Discovery workbook is a toolbox to help you discover your unique talents and strengths.

When we get clear on our strengths, it's not just a feel-good exercise.  It puts us in the best position for success.

We use our strengths every day for business and for pleasure. It's easy to get wrapped up in the daily grind.  But when we take time to review what truly motivates us, we can become inspired.  Which allows us to tap into more of our authentic selves.

This strength and discovery workbook is an easy-to-use, straightforward, and positive tool that will guide you through the process.

The Truth About Me Workbook uses a simple question and answer format, with space provided for your answers. This book encourages you to think about the strengths you have within yourself.  It's a great way to identify your top strengths so that you can begin to live life from a place of deeper authenticity, confidence, and connection with others.


The Truth About Me Workbook is included in the Define Design Grow Collective along with many others.  A membership subscription for women that offers monthly growth-centered resources and community. A space for women growths seekers.  It offers resources, community, and support to grow and develop into who you want and are meant to be, without limits.

For more information, you check out the Define Design Grow Collective membership details.

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