Words + Goals To Live By Workshop

Words + Goals To Live By Workshop

a guided session to select a word/theme and set goals that will leave you feeling good


Are you feeling lost or struggling to set goals that will make you optimistic? Join me for a guided goal setting session.

We’ll work together to choose a word or theme for the year that resonates with you. Then, we’ll set realistic goals around that theme so you can feel good about where you’re going and how you’ll get there.

Don’t let another year roll around and leave you feeling like there should have been more you could have done, somewhere you should be, or overall just unfulfilled.

Take inventory of what you want and need and set a theme and goals based on just that!


  • self-paced workshop that can be taken at your leisure
  • Guided steps to reflecting and selecting a word/theme of the year
  • Guided steps to setting goals that you can work toward for 2022 that will leave you feeling good about what you have done at the end of the year
  • 40 page downloadable workbook

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