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Self Centered

The only way your life changes is if you change.  And the only one that is gonna fully focus on you the way you need, is you.  And I want to help you do that.

The Self Centered Framework is designed to help you become “centered”.

The center of your thoughts.

The center of your dreams. 

And most of all, the center of your reality!

Together we will find the compass that will lead you to your next transformation and the places you desire.

That's found within YOU...


We have been programmed to believe-centered is a bad thing.  But in actuality it just means that you are concerned solely with your own desires, needs, and interests.

In Practice

While too much of anything can be bad, with my Self Centered Framework you are at the center.  Not your parents, partner, children, friends, peers or anyone but you.

The Benefit

When you focus on yourself and become “centered”, you have a place to go or reference when life becomes too much, challenges, arise, or you are off balance.

Whenever you feel compelled to put others first at the expense of yourself, you are denying your own reality, your own identity.

hey girl, hey!

I’m TaKenya Hampton

I'm ready to help you to your next level

Fueled by equal parts oat milk lattes and passion, I spend my days homeschooling my youngest kid and devising ways to help women change the world by finding, understanding, and loving themselves and all the bits of their unique individuality.

I am a personal and professional development coach that uses practical, real-life solutions to help women find out more about themselves and learn how to use their strengths to their advantage and overcome their weaknesses. I'm excited for the moment when you realize that you are the author of your story, it is important, and really lean into it!

I live for moments that make me feel alive, connections that make me feel like I'm not alone in this world, and conversations that allow me to explore my thoughts in a way I never have before.

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Let's get you started on a journey of self-discovery and becoming self centered.