Treat Yourself | 12 Ways To Do Just That WITHOUT Involving Food

Looking for non food rewards and ways to treat yourself that do not involve food? What do you do to treat yourself when you accomplish a goal, or you make progress or complete something that you intended to do? Need some new ideas to celebrate your accomplishments that don’t involve food?

This list of ways to celebrate your accomplishments without food will do just that!


For most, the proper way to celebrate an accomplishment typically involves food.  But I have personally noticed that I was using food way too much to celebrate wins and accomplishments for myself and my family. 

Adult celebrations normally are like – 

“let’s go out to dinner to celebrate” 

“let’s go have drinks”, 

or “let’s meet up to have dessert”.

For kids, way too often, I find myself saying “let’s go get ice cream”, or taking the kids to go get muffins, cookies, or some types of sweets.

If you are not a foodie or you are like me and trying to separate yourself from or change your relationship with food, you may want to find other non food rewards and ways to treat yourself or celebrate your accomplishments.

12 Ways To Treat Yourself That Do Not Involve Food

Movie night

Depending on how you are feeling or what you need personally, schedule an indoor movie night, or even a solo, friend, or romantic movie date at the theater.

Yes, you can still have popcorn! The reward is the movie. At least that is my perspective…

Hike or spend time outdoors

Connecting with nature is one of the most rewarding ways to treat yourself that does not involve food.  Whether you take a walk around your neighborhood, the local park, or hitting up trails for a hike.  Getting outside and taking in a bit of nature is a non food reward that is still a very sweet treat.

There are so many things you can do outdoors.  And intentionally carving out some time outdoors may be just what you need.

Order something you have been putting off or saving up for

Got an Amazon wish list you throw things onto for later?

Saw something you just had to have at the mall last week?

Go get yourself something that you have been putting off or saving for a special occasion.

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Massage or pampering of some sort

Who doesn’t t love to get pampered?

Next time you accomplish a goal, give yourself an hour or two of zen via a nice massage.

Upgrade on your regular services such as manicures and pedicures

Maybe manicures and/or pedicures are in your normal self-care or maintenance routine, but how about adding in a few upgrades.

Step your services up and get the scrub and extra rub, or whatever the accelerated version of your services are.

A solo night out

Treat yourself a night out on the town solo.  That might be a dinner date, movie, or even going to a paint and sip or some other social activity solo.

woman holding glass of wine as a non food reward
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A special bottle of wine

This one might be straddling the line of not being food, but since you don’t chew it, I am gonna say it counts.

When you buy a new house and have a housewarming, a lot of people may don you with a nice new bottle of wine.

So a good bottle of wine is a great way to treat your own self when you accomplish a goal.

A new plant

Are you in love with plants and the beauty they add to your space?

If you find plants to be an enhancement to your environment, treat yourself to a new one. This is one of my personal favs. And while my husband may be tired of it, I love LOVE love it!


Have you dove into investing in the stock market.  If so, this is the perfect way to treat yourself.  Treat yourself to the purchase of a few new stocks and potentially create another reason to treat yourself down the line as well.


If you are super busy, either because you have young children, you work long hours, or any reason in between, you probably lack proper sleep and overall rest.

If you accomplished a goal, treat yourself with a nice break to either take a nap, go to bed early, or sleep in a little later than you normally would.

woman reading a book as a way to treat herself without food
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A new book

Love to get lost in the next good story?

If you just accomplished a goal and are looking for a way to treat yourself, you can treat yourself with a new story to take you away.

Dedicate extra time to your hobby

Do you have something that you love to do when you get a bit of free time?




If you have accomplished something, and are looking for a way to pat yourself on the back, give yourself some time to dedicate to doing something that you love to do.

Celebrating and loving on yourself does not have to involve a meal, snack, or something that you eat.  It also does not have to be a huge, budget blowing action either.

These non food ways to treat yourself are great starting points for you!

Looking for help to set and accomplish your goals?

Let’s work together to set you up for success and have a reason to celebrate over and over again!

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