Who Are You?


An eBook that asks the questions that will allow you to identify your values, assess your strengths and weaknesses and then learn how to leverage them for a life of greater self-awareness, intimacy, and peace.

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Who Are You Workbook


A safe space to be truly vulnerable, authentic, and your full self as defined by you.


Sort through thoughts, experiences, and desires on your own terms.


Gain the clarity and become empowered to create the life you actually want and not one that others want for you.

What Customers Are Saying?

hey girl, hey!

I’m TaKenya Hampton


Fueled by equal parts oat milk lattes and passion alike, I spend my days homeschooling my youngest kid and figuring out ways to help women change the world by finding, understanding, and loving themselves and all the pieces of their unique individuality.   

Your story, your life, is important and I get excited thinking about the moment when that realization is truly made and REALLY leaned into. 

I live for real moments, connections, and heartfelt conversations that expand my thinking and perspectives.

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