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Hey new friend! My name is TaKenya, and I’m your coach, cheerleader, and the person who will help you get your life, business, or both together.

Are you ready for the next level? Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome!

Redirect & Reconnect

from the inside out

Are you feeling a disconnect between the life you imagine or want for yourself and your reality? Maybe you need to dig through the weeds to see what’s what.  Or maybe you just need a mindset shift. It could be a combination of both. Together we’ll work to identify the cause of the disconnect and close the gap. My goal is to help you to feel less stressed and more fulfilled!

How I Help...


Self Love

efficiency & processes

We can’t receive from or give to others what we won’t or don’t know how to give to ourselves – appreciation, prioritization, positivity, and so much more. 


Self Help

education & resources

Together we’ll use resources to help you identify areas of growth and fill in your gaps personally or professionally. Feel empowered while you work at your own pace. 


Self Awareness

coaching & accountability

Let’s focus on your actions, thoughts, and emotions. We’ll bring clarity to how you view yourself to help you grow and glow. 


I Help Women Like You Identify {& Close}
The Gap Between
where you are

where you want to be

where you
want to be

I meet you right where you are. Whether you are living the life of your dreams with a few things that just are not working for you, or you are ready to turn everything around.  I help you identify where you are, where you want to be, and how you want to feel, then I help you figure out what is holding you back from getting there.

We will work together to close the gap in a way that feels good and authentic to you, and you only!


a growth guided approach

If you’ve ever gone to the doctor for a check-up, they’ll usually tell you it’s best to work to prevent getting sick instead of waiting to get sick. This works the same way with you and your business. We don’t start when you need to be convinced that change is needed.

We get started when you know change is the only way forward.

How I Help...




We will set goals that support your growth and keep you accountable as you make your desired life changes.



small business owners + entrepreneurs

Identify opportunities for growth in your business operations to create new processes and systems that increase efficiency. 



Professional development

We will work toward greater self-awareness, clarifying goals, and fulfilling your development objectives to unlock your potential. 


She pushes me at a steady pace...

“TaKenya is direct and honest without being mean or overly critical. She has great ideas and assesses people’s strengths quickly. I feel like I’m being pushed at a steady, sustainable pace and not beat up.”


Content & Copywriter, Web Developer, and Yoga Mama, Alaya Media

Her drive is what stood out most to me...

“When I started working with TaKenya I needed WooCommerce set up for my online content store. TaKenya came off knowledgeable and informative and went above and beyond to make sure I knew how to operate things when she completed the job including customized recorded how-to videos. Her drive is what stood out most to me. I can’t imagine a better client experience. She has a very personable nature, is an exceptional listener, and is extremely motivational. Her services are top-notch and I would highly recommend them.”

-Jes McCoy

Digital Content Manager, A Pressure Cooker


A complete journey + guide to self-awareness. Use this as a tool to help you become more fulfilled, confident, and successful in your personal and professional endeavors.

Hard Copy



hey girl, hey!

I’m TaKenya Hampton

a little about me


hey girl, hey!

I’m TaKenya Hampton

a little about me

A little practical, a little spiritual, and a little woo.  I am all about doing what works for and feels good to me — and empowering others to do what works for them!

I believe in using the tools you already have available to you to get the outcomes that you want and need.  

As a personal and professional development coach and systems consultant, I use practical, real-life solutions to help women learn how to create lives and businesses that they love. 

From helping you develop more easeful processes in your business to have more work-life balance to making your website stand out to help you attract/maintain customers. All while coaching you through each step and cheering you on so you can show up as the best version of yourself. 

I live for connections that allow me to share my skills in a way I never have before. This is why I’m excited to help women like you. You are the author of your story, and I’ll show you how to pull out your pen to write it!