Who Are You Workbook Paperback

Who Are You Workbook Paperback

Increasing Self Awareness To Obtain Success In Your Personal & Professional Life


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A complete journey of self-awareness and how to use it to become more fulfilled, confident, and successful in your personal and professional endeavors.

Who Are You walks you through identifying your values, assessing your strengths and weakness and then how to leverage them, looking at what you love to do and what you would not be caught dead doing, and so much more!

All with the intention of becoming more aware of who you are, so you can go after the things your heart truly desires and live the life you authentically desire to live.

Most people feel like they know themselves pretty well. But what if it’s possible that you could know yourself even a little bit better?

Who Are You helps you learn more about yourself than you probably thought to be possible if you take the time with it. And with the effort put in, the payoff is invaluable Рnot just in your career, but in your whole life!

This book will teach you how to understand your thoughts and emotions, how to get your closest family and friends to share what they really think of you, and why self-awareness will create more productive and rewarding relationships, both personally and professionally.

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