Using Personality Tests To Become More Self-Aware

Self-awareness is an important part of growing and improving as an individual. The best way to create self-awareness is by learning to understand one’s strengths and weaknesses.  And then using them both to the individual’s advantage. A great way to start is through personality tests. Personality tests can prove to be beneficial for improving romantic relationships, friendships, increasing work and career opportunities, and overall personal growth.

Who are you?

The way that you even address this question will depend on the type of person you are.

It’s your basic characteristics, or in other words, your personality, that helps to shape and define your every thought and action. 

So it’s no surprise that those who strive for a response to this question tend to find comfort and assistance in personality tests, which aim to help individuals in their charge to better understand who they are and the why behind it.

Personality tests are used as an evaluation of a person’s traits, values, and ideals and present a result that helps to explain their social, mental, and emotional aptitude. 

Two of my favorite tests are the Myers- Briggs and Enneagram.

I am going to share about these personality tests below, and even link to the free versions of the tests if you would like to take them.  I have an affiliate relationship with Truity and that means that if you decide to dive deeper and purchase your full results report, I get a commission for referring you.  Rest assured that it does not change the quality, cost, or any aspects of the report that you will receive.

The Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Myers-Briggs is a test based on the theories of Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ personality type theory. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete.  

When complete, you are presented with a four-letter type along with a description of the type and information about the strengths associated with that type. 

There are 16 possible outcomes for the Myers-Briggs test:

It allows you to recognize who you are and what role you play in society.

This test is especially designed to:

  • Understand how you communicate and interact with others 
  • Figure out your best learning style 
  • Speak to your work ethic

Aside from that, Myers- Briggs is beneficial for relationships and can help couples, friends, relatives, or even co-workers to learn more about each other by comparing their results. 

The Myers- Briggs test is great for those who want an introduction to personality tests and to start to understand themselves better. 

It’s a great place to start your self-awareness journey!

The Enneagram Personality Test

The Enneagram is one of the most popular personality tests.  

This test gives participants the opportunity to become more fully aware of themselves.  In order to to get accurate results, you have to be willing to be completely honest. 

The test takes roughly 10 to 15 minutes to complete and it requires a dive into ideals, fears, insecurities, and positive traits. 

After answering all the questions accurately and completely, the test taker is given a number as their type of personality. 

The results are: 

All these types are individually unique and provide a full description of the result along with the type’s tendencies, impulses, incapabilities, desires, and capabilities. 

How Personality Tests Help With Self Awareness

Personality tests benefit the test taker because they learn about themselves, and in some cases, the people around them. 

Additionally, taking the time to learn what other people’s personalities are can help people gain a better understanding of conflict management, collaboration, and what they can contribute in the workplace, the classroom, or even in friendships or romantic relationships. 

After taking personality tests, it is highly recommended to have someone to help you process the information.  And once you do that, you may find it helpful to encourage others, close to you, to take the tests as well in order to understand more about them and how to adapt to others, especially those who may have different personality traits or mental capacity.

Understanding human behavior can be pretty complicated.  While these tests and methods are not 100% accurate, they absolutely help grasp the diversity in how people think and why they react to ad experience the world around them the way they do.

How To Use Personality Test Results To Become More Self Aware

The first step in using a personality test for increased self-awareness is to take the test with full openness and honesty; without trying to get the results you desire.

After getting the results, go over the results objectively and with an open mind.

There may be some things in the results that you have to sit with and process and allow yourself the time and space to do that.

While personality tests provide a great deal of information, some of them may not actually pertain to you directly.  If there are things that do not resonate with you directly, that is okay.  Try to focus on the pieces of information that do.

Once you review and digest your results that is where the real work begins.

You may now feel equipped with new knowledge and even reminded of things you knew and forgot about.  Take the time to see how the information presented helps you to achieve your goals and desires for your life.

For example, if your Myers-Briggs test tells you that you are more extroverted than introverted, then when looking for job opportunities, it would be beneficial to keep that in mind.  If a job is a work-from-home job, you may not find as much satisfaction as someone who is more extroverted and therefore may want to inquire about how the gap is bridged with virtual team building and social interaction.

Personality tests will, like horoscopes, tell you some really good things about yourself.  But there will also be pieces that are not so great.  Take the time to process those things and figure out how to use them to your advantage.

I can not stress enough that self-awareness is not a destination you arrive at, but rather a journey that you will go on.  There will be stops, obstacles, and even periods of harder work than others along the way.

It all helps you to become a happier and fulfilled person, with a clearer sense of who you really are, because ultimately that is the goal!

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