Affirmations For Work & Productivity

Affirmations have been proven by science to be powerful. They have been used to improve people’s health and overall wellbeing. Why should it then be a surprise that using affirmations at work can also help us perform better?

Affirmations have been proven by science to be powerful. They have been used to improve people’s health and overall wellbeing. Why should it then be a surprise that using affirmations at work can also help us perform better?

These affirmations for work and productivity can help give you the mental boost you need to advance your career and work more effectively.

Affirmations are a self-talk practice that we use to bring our subconscious beliefs and possibilities into our conscious awareness. 

These affirmations for work and productivity can help give you the mental boost you need.

I work efficiently.

  1. I use my resources wisely.
  1. I schedule my time. I block out slots in my calendar for my priority projects. I give myself deadlines for completing tasks. I arrange my activities to take advantage of the hours when my performance peaks.
  1. I clear away clutter. I keep my home and office organized and neat.
  1. I limit distractions. I check messages at designated times instead of watching my phone throughout the day. I let others know when I am available and when I need to work without interruption.

I focus on tasks that match my strengths.

I tailor my approach, so I can apply the experience, knowledge, and talents I already possess. I collaborate with others in areas where I need help.

  1. I evaluate my efforts. I develop strategies to increase the quality and quantity of my work. I ask others for feedback. I talk with experts and read books. I make a game out of enhancing my performance.
  1. I take breaks. Downtime restores my energy and enthusiasm. I walk around the block in between meetings. I spend a few minutes stretching each hour when I have a morning full of client phone calls and paperwork.
  1. I think positive. A cheerful attitude makes me more relaxed and productive. I focus on what I like about my coworkers and my job. I give my full attention to one task at a time.
  2. I feel engaged and motivated.
  1. Today, I accomplish more with less time and effort. I am a model of efficiency.

I am productive.

  1. I take care of my responsibilities and reach my goals.
  1. I manage my time. I set priorities and plan my day carefully. I block out time for the activities that are meaningful to me.
  1. I limit distractions. I let my family and friends know the hours when I am occupied with work. I turn off my TV and phone. I check my messages twice a day so I can cut down on interruptions.
  1. I design systems that work for me. I organize my files for easy access. I batch similar tasks. I keep my desktop clean and free from clutter.
  1. I take advantage of the latest technology. I try out apps that have the potential to make my life easier. I sign up for computer training at work.

I stay motivated. I set my goals down in writing. I keep my main purpose in mind. I offer myself rewards that are compelling for me.

  1. I schedule frequent breaks. I take time off so I can recharge my energy. I stretch and move around. I return to work with greater enthusiasm and vigor.
  1. I collaborate with others. I work as a team and ask for help when I need it.
  1. I nourish my mental and physical wellbeing. I manage stress and sleep well. I eat a healthy diet and work out regularly.
  2. Today, I maximize my productivity. I take action and persevere until my efforts pay off.

My productivity increases daily.

  1. I challenge myself to accomplish more.
  1. I wake up early so that my day gets off to a strong start. I clarify my priorities and complete important tasks while the office is quiet and empty.
  1. I block out my time. I develop realistic estimates for how long meetings and assignments usually take. I batch similar tasks together. I give myself a buffer for unexpected events.
  1. I take frequent breaks. I stand up and stretch at least once each hour. I call a friend or share a cup of coffee in the break room. Enjoying some down time allows me to return to work feeling refreshed. I think more clearly and have more energy.
  1. I reduce distractions. I clear off my desk and close my office door. I limit the time I spend watching the news or checking social media.
  1. I focus on one task at a time. The quality of my work increases when I give it my full attention. I spend less time correcting errors.
  1. I appreciate the process. As long as I am learning and growing, I find my work fulfilling regardless of the immediate results.
  1. I take a first step. I break complicated projects down into smaller stages. Once I make a beginning, I build momentum that keeps me going.
  1. Today, I manage my time wisely. I create systems and strategies that help me to work smarter. I consistently deliver more than expected.

My workspace is conducive to productivity.

  1. I take pride in all aspects of my work. I dress for success, carry myself with confidence, and keep my workspace organized. When my workspace is organized, so are my thoughts. 
  1. An organized workspace unleashes my creativity. Clutter is the antithesis to inspiration. I de-clutter my space by promptly getting rid of unnecessary items. My passion for peace is greater than my fear of throwing things away.
  1. When I sit at my desk, I have enough space to sit comfortably and properly. There is space for me to place my feet flat on the floor and my arms on the table. Adequate posture is important to my overall success because I work better when I am free from pain. 
  1. The lighting at my workspace enables me to see clearly without needing to squint my eyes. The sounds around me are easy to ignore without causing a distraction. I use light audio in the background if there are disturbing noises nearby which I find hard to disregard.
  1. I look forward to my workspace because it is a place where I feel productive. My workstation facilitates my personal growth. When I walk into my clean workspace, I feel relaxed. 
  1. Being organized helps me avoid confusion over misplaced supplies. I can find items on my desk when I need them because everything has its place. My tidy space saves me from the added stress of disorganization.
  1. Today, I choose to set up my space in a way that brings me peace and inspires me to be productive. I invest in organizational tools to help me get started. I release myself from confusion by tidying up my space.

I am happy and productive.

  1. I make intentional choices instead of drifting through life. My actions align with my values and bring me closer to reaching my goals. I feel comfortable with myself and confident about my direction.
  1. I focus on one task at a time. I slow down. I care about the quality of my work. I reduce stress and save time because I have fewer mistakes to fix.
  1. I follow my breath. Inhaling deeply and exhaling fully helps me to center. I boost my energy and clarify my thinking.
  1. I take breaks before I become fatigued. I pause in between meetings and tasks. I enjoy a little small talk. I sip a cup of tea. I do some full body stretches. I take a walk around the block.
  1. I eat when I am hungry. I prepare my own food as much as possible. I chew slowly and savor each bite.
  1. I connect with nature. I wake up early and greet the morning light. I eat my lunch on a park bench. I smell flowers and gaze at clouds. I feel like part of something bigger than myself.

I value relationships and experiences more than money.

  1. I think about the purpose behind my actions. I make time to reflect. I evaluate my daily habits and routines. 
  1. Today, I am aware of my surroundings and myself. I am fully engaged in my relationships and activities. My life is joyful, meaningful, and productive.
  1. Relaxation is my doorway to peace, productivity, and motivation.
  1. I aim to live a life that is peaceful and productive. Relaxation is one of the most important tools I use to achieve this goal.
  1. When I relax, I allow the stress of the day to slip from my body. My muscles loosen, and within a few minutes, my thoughts begin to calm.
  1. By allowing relaxation, I enable myself to choose healthy responses to stress. I disallow reactionary responses and, instead, choose words and actions that reflect wisdom and insight.
  1. Taking a few moments out in the middle of a busy day also increases my productivity. This time is important, and I make it a priority. By allowing myself to sit back and close my eyes for a few minutes, I restore my energy and revitalize myself. 
  1. Sometimes the busyness of my day does not allow for more than a few moments of rest. That’s okay. When I reserve time for myself in the evening or on the weekend, it still enables me to be motivated and able to deal with the challenges at hand.
  1. Setting aside time for myself is an investment. It gives me energy and allows me to be far more productive. I find that I am calmer, wiser, and better able to deal with life’s challenges when I make time to relax.

I find it easy to delegate tasks in order to manage my time effectively.

  1. We are creatures of community, designed to live and work in teams. I recognize the value of other people in my life and let go of the idea that I should be able to do everything on my own.
  1. I find it easy to delegate tasks in order to manage my time more effectively and achieve my greatest possible level of productivity.
  1. On a good team, our different talents and skills allow us to complement each other. Together we are more dimensional and can achieve more. I take advantage of this fact and use it to my best possible good.
  1. However, I pick my delegates carefully. I choose those who are reliable, hard working, and can take a task and run with it. I choose those who are honest and trustworthy.
  1. When I hand off work to others, I know I can trust that it will be done and done well because I have put thought and care into the selection of my team.
  1. Once I delegate my tasks, I let go of the need to keep my thumb on every page. I have confidence in the people around me. I make sure they are fully aware that I am available to them should they need me, but I free them to complete the task at hand.

There’s no denying that affirmations can play a major role in transforming your career, encouraging professional development, and helping you reach your goals. If you’re looking to move up the ladder in terms of job status and salary, or if you’re simply hoping to transform your career into an even better one, you should definitely consider the power of positive affirmations.


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